Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Beer Yeast


Finally, a dry beer yeast strain for use in those Bavarian style Hefeweizens and Dunkelweizens. This yeast produces the classic estery, phenolic flavors typical of Bavarian hefeweizens. Flocculation is somewhat low as expected, adding the the yeast-in-suspension flavor profile of these cloudy styles. The attenuation is reportedly a bit low, so mash a bit lower if you're going for some dryness. Fermentation temperatures are reported at 59 to 75 degrees ... with 68 being about right.


Typical Use : German Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen
Flocculation : Low to Medium
Attenuation : "Medium to Medium Low"
Ideal Fermentation Temperatures : 59° to 75°

All Grain Recipe - Bavarian Hefeweizen ::: 1.049/1.013 (5 Gal)

Grain Bill

5 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt
5 lbs. - Wheat Malt

Hop Schedule (11 IBU)

1/4 oz - Hallertauer (60 Min.)
1/2 oz - Hallertauer (30 Min.)
1/4 oz - Hallertauer (10 Min.)


Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Beer Yeast


Mash at 153° for 30 min.
Sparge as usual
Boil for 60 minutes
Cool and ferment at about 68°

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