Flying Dog Ale Yeast - Wyeast VSS Release


As part of the Wyeast VSS (Very Special Strains) program, Wyeast has partnered with Flying Dog Ales to release their house ale yeast to homebrewers.
From their website/blog, here's what Flying Dog had to say about the yeast:

"The Flying Dog Ale strain is an unruly mutt, and to brew with it you must be willing to “Cut the Leash” as our Flying Dog Brew Crew does in our “Snake Dog” IPA, “Road Dog” Porter, “K-9 Cruiser” Altitude Ale and “Doggie Style” Classic Pale Ale."

This sounded intriguing enough, but I needed to know more, so I emailed Flying Dog with some questions about the yeast. Matt Brophy, Head Brewer at Flying Dog was kind enough to write me back with the following :

"As far as specs are concerned it is an ale yeast that we let ferment at 70F. Attenuation is in the 68 to 72 percent range, but proper aeration is important to get full attenuation. It has good flocculation characteristics and tends to leave a good deal of maltiness in the finished beer. It is good to see that brewers are excited about using our strain."

Sounds like a fun yeast with a lot of uses. I'm especially delighted to see the 70 degree fermentation temperature because, for us that do not use refrigeration, 70 degrees during the upcoming spring and summer months is definitely do-able. Sounds like I have some IPAs, APAs, Porters, and who knows what in my future.

Yeast Specifications

Typical Use : A wide range of ale styles
Attenuation : 68 to 72 percent
Flocculation : Medium to High
Ideal Temperatures : around 70 degrees


I haven't used this yeast yet so I'm not going to speculate. If you get a batch done with this before I do, please feel free to Send Me Your Recipe using this yeast and I'll put it up here.

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