British/English Ale Yeast Comparison

Which English Yeast ?

So, you're planning to make yourself a British style ale - ESB, Mild, Bitter, British Pale, something like that. You've added some nice European malt, maybe some E.K. Goldings, whatever. Now, which yeast do you use?

Well, behold, there are a lot of popular choices available to you with a wide range expected Attenuations and Ideal fermentation temperatures. Good thing for you, you can use the chart below to pick the right one for your beer.

If you were planning maybe a slightly sweet Northern English Brown ale where you'd like to leave some sweetness, you might pick a less attenuative strain like White Labs WLP002. If you were looking for a yeast that can ferment well in your cool basement - try the Wyeast London Ale or Fermentis S-04 - both have lower end recommended fermentation temperatures around 60 degrees.


ManufacturerStrainNameAttenuation%FlocculationFermentation Temp.
White LabsWLP002English Ale 63-70Very High65-68
White LabsWLP005British Ale 67-74High65-70
White LabsWLP006Bedford British Ale72-80High65-70
White LabsWLP007Dry English Ale70-80Medium to High65-70
White LabsWLP013London Ale65-70Medium66-71
White LabsWLP017Whitbread Ale67-73High66-70
White LabsWLP022Essex Ale71-76Medium to High66-70
White LabsWLP023Burton Ale69-75Medium68-73
White LabsWLP025Southwood Ale68-75Medium66-69
White LabsWLP026Premium Bitter Ale70-75Medium67-70
Wyeast1028London Ale73-77Medium60-72
Wyeast1098British Ale 73-75Medium64-75
Wyeast1099Whitbread Ale68-72High64-75
Wyeast1275Thames Valley Ale72-76Medium62-72
Wyeast1318London Ale III71-75High64-74
Wyeast1335British Ale II73-76High63-75
Wyeast1968London ESB67-71High64-72
FermentisS-04Safale S-04"Medium"High59-75

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