An AllGrain BrewDay Timeline

A Day's Work

All Grain brewing is fun, it's rewarding, and it produces great beer. But, let's face it, there is a lot to do during a brewing session that can take up the better part of a precious Saturday afternoon.
Once you get a few sessions in, however, you will quickly see ways to maximize your efficiency and get that brew day done more quickly so you can get that yeast working on your hard-earned beer. Below is a timeline of a fairly typical brew day using the batch sparge method.

A Typical Brew Day Timeline

Save Some Time

The timeline above assumes you do everything (except make your yeast starter) during the brewday.
However, we can save some time by having a few things done ahead of time:

Be Organized

The timeline presented assumes, of course, that all goes as planned and there is nothing forgotten and no mishaps. Now, as anyone who has brewed knows, this is rarely the case.
A little organization and pre-planning goes a long way toward making your brewday as efficient as possible.

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