Pizza Beer?

OK, it's Different

I have seen several articles doing the various blog and 'wacky news' rounds about these guys in Chicago who are doing a PIZZA BEER. Apparently he's flavoring a wheat style beer with some tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and even pieces of pizza. I gotta' think some slices of pizza might cause a stuck mash, no?

I'd post a recipe, but the brewer says that “The only people who know the recipe are me and my cat, Jethro.” That's probably for the best anyway because, honestly, it doesn't sound that tasty to me.

Is this a Good Thing?

So, this brings up a debatable point. Homebrewing is receiving a good amount of media attention for this wacky, seemingly odd beer. Is this a good thing? I mean, how can homebrewers be taken seriously if we are only known for making either bad or weird beer? Dunno, maybe there's something to that. We have Radical Brewing and Extreme Brewing books out recently, are we just throwing crap in a boil kettle and hoping it is alcoholic and somewhat beer-like?

I would counter this with the fact that, hell, that's what homebrewing is all about - fun and experimentation. Really, who cares if we're taken seriously! Throw an old shoe, the newspaper, and some grass clippings in the boil kettle. It's homebrew and it's all about no rules, personal enjoyment, and great beer of any style.

By the way ... I prefer thin crust.

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