Vienna Malt


Vienna malt is a relatively light (3 to 3.6 L) malt variety that can be used as any portion of a malt bill. It is cured at higher temperatures than pilsner malt and increases body and fullness. Because of the curing temperature, enzyme activity of Vienna Malt is slightly lower than Pilsner or 2 Row.
Vienna contributes a more malty and grainy flavor compared to 2 Row Pale Malts and is said to add a subtle aroma or toffee note. It is relatively highly modified and can be used readily with specialty malts or other brewing adjunct ingredients.
In light styles, like Pilsner, 10 to 30% of the grain bill can be Vienna. 60 to 90% of grain bill can be Vienna in light to amber ales, and 70 to 80% can be used in Amber to Dark ales.
Crystal malt is a good specialty malt to accompany Vienna.


Typical Use : Base Malt
Lovibond : 3 to 3.6 Lovibond
Origination : USA
Flavor/Aroma : Rich, Aromatic, Toffee, Caramel
Styles : Most styles

All Grain Recipe - Dusseldorf Altbier ::: 1.054/1.013 (5 Gal)

Grain Bill

6 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt
2 lbs. - Munich Malt
1 lb. - Vienna Malt
1 lb. - Wheat Malt
1 lb. - Crystal Malt (80L)

Hop Schedule (44 IBU)

1.5 oz - Hallertau hops (60 min.)
1 oz - Hallertau hops (30 min.)
1 oz - Hallertau hops (10 min.)


White Labs European Ale Yeast (WLP011) - 1800 ml starter


Mash at 152° to 154° for 60 min.
Sparge as usual
Boil for a total of 90 Minutes
Cool and ferment at 65° to 70°

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