AHA The American Homebrewers Association
Basic Brewing Radio Great weekly podcast about homebrewing and related topics - one of my favorites.
BeerSmith My favorite brewing software - recipe creation, measurement, and more.
Beersmith Beer Blog The BeerSmith Home Brewing Beer Blog - Weekly articles on home brewing
Brew Beer and Drink It Homebrewing articles, advice, and instruction.
BrewPoll BrewPoll Home Brewing and Craft Beer News - Social News Site
Brew Bubbas Excellent brewing and beer podcast filled with great information and a lot of fun.
BrewWiki All things brewing, by the creator of BeerSmith
Anderson Valley A Great Craft Brewery in Boonville, CA
BeerMe The most complete source of brewery information worldwide.
Hanger 18 Brews A brewing and craft beer blog based out of centeral Ohio.
HBKitReviews Reviews of homebrew kits.
Homebrew Index Large index of homebrew and beer sites.
Homebrew HQ Homebrew Shop based in Richardson, TX
HomebrewChef.com Excellent site about pairing Beer and Food from a professional chef and homebrewer.
Ohio Valley Homebrewers Assoc (OVHA) A bunch of fine brewers and damn good folks.
Home Brewing Perspectives Podcast on Homebrewing topics of all kinds

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Booze365 Mixed Drink Recipes
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