Warrior Hops


Warrior is a general-purpose bittering hop that offers a neutral, clean bittering primarily in ale styles. Alpha acids are in the typical to high bittering hop range of 15 to 17%. It has a relative low cohumulone content which contributes to a smooth, pleasing bitterness.
This is a relatively new variety that was first bred at Yakima Chief Ranches.


Typical Use : Bittering
Alpha Acid : 15 to 17% AAU
Origination : USA
Commercial Examples : Three Floyd's Alpha King Pale Ale, Dogfish Head IPA
Characteristics : Clean bittering
Styles : American IPA
Similar Hops : Nugget, Columbus.



Hop Characteristics Unavailable

All Grain Recipe - Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (clone) ::: 1.064/1.019 (5 Gal)

Grain Bill

13 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt
6 oz. - Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt

Hop Schedule - 60 IBU

3/4 oz. - Warrior - 60 to 35 min. continuous*
1/3 oz. - Simcoe - 35 to 35 min. continuous*
3/4 oz. - Palisade - 25 to 0 min. continuous*
1/2 oz. - Amarillo - dry hop
1/2 oz. - Simcoe - dry hop
1/2 oz. - Glacier - dry hop


Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale Yeast - 1800 ml. starter


Mash In at 152° for 60 min - sparge as usual
Boil time : 60 min.
Cool and ferment at 71° to 74°


*Continuous Hopping - Dogfish Head uses a device to slowly add a measured amount of hops over time into the boil rather then addin the whole addition at once.
This is a good brew to have a buddy handy to toss in the hops, pre-measured in their own dish, throughout the boil. It is a good technique and the commercial example of this beer is one of my very favorite IPAs.
This Recipe Appeared in the March-April 2006 edition of BYO Magazine

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