Rogue Brutal Bitter

That's Just Brutal...

Rogue's Brutal Bitter is a sort of an American take on English Bitter. Big, bold, and maybe a bit over the top.
From the Rogue Website: "An Imperial bitter with exotic traditional floor malts, citrusy, hoppy flavor, stupendous hop aroma."

The Beer

A base of Maris Otter with CaraVienna and Crystal malts added for a nice caramel, roast toast backbone. CaraWheat adds body/mouthfeel and a good caramel component.
The hop used is exclusively Crystal. Crystal is a very pungent US Cultivar of Hallertau and adds great spice and earthiness.

All-Grain Recipe - Rogue Brutal Bitter ::: 1.061/1.015 (5.5 Gal)

Grain Bill (Assumes 72% Efficiency)

10.5 lbs. - Maris Otter Pale Malt
1.25 lbs. - CaraVienna Malt (22 L)
1 lb. - CaraWheat (40L) Malt
1 lb. - Crystal Malt (20L)
1/2 lb. - Crystal Malt (40L)

Hop Schedule [59 IBU]

2 oz - Crystal hops [4% AA] (60 min.)
2 oz - Crystal hops [4% AA] (40 min.)
2 oz - Crystal hops [4% AA] (20 min.)
2 oz - Crystal hops [4% AA] (5 min.)


Wyeast Rogue PacMan Yeast - 1000ml starter.


Mash at 153° for 60 min.
Sparge as Usual
Cool quickly, aerate, and ferment at 66°

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