Pyramid Snow Cap

Ho Ho Hmmm...

From the Pyramid Brewing Website : "A rich, full-bodied winter warmer crafted in the British tradition of holiday beers. This deep mahogany colored brew balances complex fruit flavors with a refreshingly smooth texture, making Snow Cap a highly drinkable and desirable cold weather companion."

The Recipe

This winter warmer from Pyramid probably best fits the Old Ale (19A) category. Nice and strong with some caramel sweetness from Crystal Malts and some roast and color from a bit of chocolate malt. Hop treatment is decidedly English with Nugget, Fuggles and Goldings. The choice of White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) is an approximation based on comments from one of Pyramid's brewers discussing this beer on The Brewing Network. He said that Pyramid has their own proprietary ale strain but a homebrewer could use a flocculant English yeast. He also said, contrary to the Pyramid website, that Nugget, Fuggles, and Goldings were indeed the hops used.

All Grain Recipe - Pyramid Snow Cap ::: 1.080/1.025 (6 Gal)

Grain Bill (75% Efficiency assumed)

16 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt
1.26 lbs. - Crystal Malt (60L)
1/2 lb. - Chocolate Malt

Hop Schedule (44 IBU)

1 oz. - Nugget - 60 min.
1 oz. - Fuggles - 30 min.
1 oz. - E.K. Goldings - 10 min.


White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) - 1800 ml starter


Mash at 153° for 60 min.
Sparge as usual
Cool and ferment at 68° to 70°

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