Magic Hat #9

It's a Pale Ale, but with Apricot...

Magic Hat #9 is kind of the beer equivalent of a platypus. One one hand you have the characteristics of an American Pale Ale - citrus hops, clean copper(ish) malt profile with a bit of caramel, and a yeast profile that pretty much stays out of the way. On the other hand you have a fruity, refreshing fruit beer taste that, if you didn't know the secret, you might not be able to put your finger on.

From Magic Hat's website : "A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not-quite pale ale. #9 is really impossible to describe because there's never been anything else quite like it. Our secret ingredient introduces a most unusual aroma which is balanced with residual sweetness."

The Beer

The goal here is a simple pale ale on the light side of malty with added apricot flavoring. Simple enough.

Magic Hat's site gives us a few good clues: Pale & Crystal malt, Cascade & Columbus hops, 20 IBU, 9 SRM, 4.6 ABV, English Yeast. So, for our recipe, the malt bill will be very simple with a base of American 2 Row and Enough 60 L crystal to get the beer up to 9 SRM. From tasting the beer you know there is definitely some hop aroma so we'll start with a bit of Columbus to get our bittering background and finish nicely at the end of boil with some Cascade.

For our 'secret' fruit flavor, we'll use Oregon Fruit Puree- Apricot. You might have to order or you might get lucky and have some at your local supermarket. You will want the 3 pound can. The beer will need to be racked to another fermenter after fermemtation is complete and the puree can then be added. This should add a bit of fermentable sugars so you'll want to give it another week or so to make sure all activity is complete before packaging.

All Grain Recipe - Magic Hat #9 ::: 1.048/1.015 (6 Gal)

Grain Bill (72% Efficiency assumed)

10 lbs. - American 2-Row Pale Malt
1 lb. - Crystal Malt (60L)
3 lbs. - Oregon Fruit Puree - Apricot

Hop Schedule (20 IBU)

.25 oz. - Columbus [14%] (60 min.)
1 oz. - Cascade [5.5%] (10 min.)
1 oz. - Cascade [5.5%] (3 min.)


1L starter of White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002)


Mash at 152° to 154° for 60 min.
Sparge as usual
Cool, Oxygenate, and ferment at 68° (make sure you control your temp!)

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