Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout

Big, Hairy, and Mean

Great Divide's Yeti Imperial Stout is a great American, Imperial, crank the volume up to 11 interpretation of a stout. Big American hop flavor. Roast, toast, caramel, coffee, malt. Black as hades and enough to knock you on your ass at 9.5% if you are not careful.
Yeti also comes in an aged and oaked version that just takes the base beer from great to greater-er-est. Save some bottles back (if you can) and you will be glad you did.

The Beer

A pretty standard stout treatment (just a lot of it!) with American Two Row Pale Malt as a base with the "stout mirepoix" of Chocolate, Black Patent, and Roasted Barley. Some Flaked Rye is added for body and a little spiciness. Substitute Flaked Wheat if you have it on hand.
Hop treatment is kind of like an American IPA - Some Chinook hops early and a bunch mid-late to late to give this a nice citrusy-but-earthy hop character.
Yeast is a neutral treatment of American Ale yeast. Make sure to have a big starter as this is a big beer.

All Grain Recipe - Gread Divide Yeti Imperial Stout ::: 1.093/1.020 (5.5 Gal)

Grain Bill (72% Efficiency assumed)

17 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt (US)
1.5 lb. - Flaked Rye (or wheat) Malt
3/4 lb. - Black Patent Malt (500 L)
3/4 lb. - Chocolate Malt (450 L)
10 oz. - Roasted Barley (300 L)

Hop Schedule (75 IBU)

1.5 oz. - Chinook [13%] (60 min.)
1.5 oz. - Chinook [13%] (15 min.)
1 oz. - Chinook [13%] (5 min.)


White Labs Amerian Ale (WLP001) / Wyeast 1056 / Fermentis S-05
1 to 1.5 L starter of Liquid yeast or 1.75 packs of Dry yeast.


Mash at 153° for 60 min.
Sparge as usual
Cool and ferment at 68°


Loosely Based from a Recipe in BYO but changed for simplicity
and to match the beer's specs on their website.

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