The Devil made me do it

Duvel is the classic Belgian Golden Strong ale. It is light in color, high in alcohol, and suprisingly easy to drink.

The Beer

A pretty straight forward malt bill - be sure to use good quality Pilsner malt (ideally Belgian, but whatever will work). A little light Crystal and Aromatic malt is added in for interest. Carapils is included to aid in head retention.
Using a light candi sugar or table sugar will add almost fully-fermentable sugars and prevent this high-alcoholic beer from being way too sweet.

Noble hops balance sweetness with a smooth but subtle bitterness.

All Grain Recipe - Duvel ::: 1.078/1.017 (6 Gal)

Grain Bill (70% Efficiency assumed)

14 lb.- Belgian Pilsner Malt
1 lb. - Carapils Malt
1/8 lb. - Aromatic Malt
1.5 lb. - Clear Belgian Candi Syrup (flameout)

Hop Schedule (26 IBU)

1.5 oz - Styrian Goldings (75 min.)
1 oz - Saaz (15 min.)
1/2 oz - Saaz (1 min.)


White Labs Belgian Golden Ale Yeast (WLP570) - 1800 ml starter
Or Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale (1388) - 1800 ml starter


Single infusion Mash at 154° for 75 min.
For more malt depth, step mash at 125/136/144/154
Sparge as usual
Cool and ferment at 66° to 70°


Make sure to have a Big, Healthy yeast starter for this one.
Save some yeast, and bottle condition this one with corn sugar and a bit of yeast.
Allow this one to age a bit.

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