Bell's Oberon

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy

Bell's Oberon is a very refreshing, light, thirst-quenching American Wheat ale. Pale to golden in color and a bit cloudy as you might expect from a wheat beer... it just screams summer. Low in hop, although perceptible, a citrusy floral character somewhat comes through. One of my favorite all-time American Wheat beers.

The Beer

Pretty standard fare for American wheat. 50/50 2 Row and wheat with some Munich and 10L Crystal for a little bit of interest. The hops are modest, but very noble and nice.

All Grain Recipe - Bells Oberon ::: 1.050/1.013 (6 Gal)

Grain Bill

5 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt
5 lbs. - Wheat Malt
1 lb. - Munich Malt (get the lighter stuff if you have a choice)
1/2 lb. - Crystal Malt (10L)

Hop Schedule (28 IBU)

1/2 oz - Northern Brewer (or Hallertau, your choice) (60 min.)
1/2 oz - Saaz (60 min.)
1/2 oz - Saaz (15 min.)
1/2 oz - Saaz (0 min. - flameout)


Here are three choices, in order preference:
1. Culture Yeast from the Bell's Oberon bottle EARLY in the brewing season
2. Wyeast 1272 American Ale Yeast [fruitier than WLP001]
3. White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP001) or Safale US-56


Mash at 150° to 152° for 60 min.
Sparge as usual
Boil for 60 minutes
Cool and ferment at 66° to 68°

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