Antioxidant Rich Beer

See, It's Good For You...

You've all seen the studies on how a glass of wine or beer daily (ahem, within moderation) has positive benefits on your overall health and specifically you heart and stress levels. Another less-touted but still valuable contribution that beer can have to your health is the presence of Antioxidants. Antioxidants are, in a nutshell, good for your cardiovascular health and have proven to lessen the risk of some kinds of cancer.

To ensure that your beer is rich in antioxidants there are a couple of tricks. First off is the use of darker grains which both contain melanoidin-type compounds that are rich in antioxidants and, as an added bonus, help these compounds stay in solution longer. Stout anyone? The next step is to use the freshest hops you can get - preferably whole hop and even better fresh hops that you grew yourself.

The golden rule with beer (or any alcoholic beverage) and health is, say it with me, MODERATION. A beer or two = Moderation. Stumbling drunk, while possibly the source of entertainment for yourself and those around you, does NOT equal good health.

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